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18th September 2011

6:38pm: Football
Woot we have tickets to go see my first professional football game with my mom. Life is good:)

30th October 2010

8:14pm: woot
Reason 101 that I am happy to be back in Sacramento: Trader Joe's Frozen Canoli

That is all thank you

30th September 2010

4:02am: Off again
So my sojourn into the world of retail and pharmacies is over. I am back to the world of museums where I belong. Today will be a day of driving followed by a couple of days of frantic house hunting possibly followed by a much needed day of rest and relaxation. Wish me luck see you on the other side.

21st September 2010

7:33pm: Sacramento
So we are returning to Sacramento. I am looking forward to it but the next week and a day are going to be a bit crazy. I really must learn to give myself more than 2 weeks and 5 days for these major career and location moves.

31st August 2010

10:08am: PSA
My wife is the best person ever in the whole world and she makes me chocolate peanut butter cookies and also I totally did not leave my browser right there on the desktop, logged in to LJ, so that anyone who happened to be passing by could post to my LJ about how wonderful they might be.

Note to self: buy wife some yarn.

8th May 2010

2:44pm: Farmer's Market
Went to the Corvallis Farmer's Market today. Bought a lot of sweets and some fresh Oregon strawberries. Boy I hope zort gets home soon or she will be missing out. Found a lady that sells pretzels but not pretzel croissants. Gio you will just have to go eat one for me:)

1st March 2010

3:13pm: argh
Training manuals that do not make sense drive me nuts. For example constantly referencing and Appendix that does not exist, or writing true false questions that have to correct answer. GRRR!

31st January 2010

4:55pm: home at last
My train was 3 hours late due to a train vs. civilian incident in Davis but I made it home. Thank you giogio for the hospitality and the great food. We will have to do it again sometime soonish.


24th January 2010

8:37pm: "Nine"
Just came back from "Nine" what a beautiful film.

16th January 2010

7:07pm: psa
If you are one of those cool parents or grandparents that are willing to buy your underage child cigarettes do not consult as to what cigarettes to purchase while standing in front of the cashier. If you are going to consult while standing right in front of the cashier use a code like "gee what kind of cigarettes did grandma say she wants."

thank you that is all

25th November 2009

11:57am: scrabble
Three moves in my scrabble game 1.fuck 2. you 3. yeasty go scrabble

31st October 2009

8:02pm: Halloween
I dressed up for work today. What was I? Please flist be better than the folks at work.

Secret Costume Beneath Cut OMG Don't Look Children Will Be Skerrt This Text Cut Totally Not Typed By ZortCollapse )

26th September 2009

6:53pm: Just saw "Surrogates". Great movie very thought provoking and just plain fun to watch.

21st September 2009

10:41pm: okay I loved tonight's episode of "House". Can anyone tell me the name of the song and the artist during the last scene. I want to say it is the man from the movie "Once" but it could just be the style of the song.

Yeah "House" is back.

10th September 2009

9:45pm: "official book club selection"
Just finished Kathy Griffin's book. I loved it. If you know who she is it is worth a read.

11th May 2009

6:16am: Tired
I stayed up late last night watching a streaming video of the Lexington High School Spring play. Basically I was curious to see what Amanda Palmer and her old high school drama teacher and the cast of the musical came up with. It was pretty cool. The story was original the music was from Neutral Milk Hotel's album "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea". The idea was Anne Frank in concentration camp and her imagination's way of making her hardships easier. Think Chicago but in a concentration camp and from the perspective of a sheltered teenage girl. I have provided the link to the streaming video if you want to see it. The first 15-20 minutes are a pre-show which is sort of like a Cirque du Sole pre-show on crack. The play itself is good. So if you find yourself with a couple of hours enjoy.


15th April 2009

9:26pm: Good day
Did not get the laundry done did go to the gym. Had a nice afternoon with zort although the time spent watching Twilight was a bit painful. Best part of the day getting a link for a video from the INHOUSE concert. Woot. Cannot wait for more songs to be posted. For not playing together in 10 years they sound pretty damn good.

11th April 2009

9:22pm: weekend so far
Was not in Florida last night to see the INHOUSE reunion concert, stayed up all night watching Hell's Kitchen season 4 instead. Would have preferred to be at the concert. Saw watchmen today loved the music I want a copy of the soundtrack.

If any of you happen to have been at the INHOUSE show and you have video or audio recordings could you please hook me up I would appreciate it very very much.

Now I get to fret about the Halcyon concerts I will not be seeing. I need to find a band to follow that is in Oregon:)

13th March 2009

8:48am: yay vacation
Made it back from San Fransico good time had by all. If you get a chance to see the Academy of Sciences go. It is worth the price of admission. Just a quick tally the ti rip to the city took a shuttle bus, a plane, a car, a tour bus, a train, and finally a second tour bus. The trip from Fisherman's wharf to Golden gate park required 3 buses and 1.25 hours. We are not mentioning the time we got on a bus going the wrong direction or diverged from our recommended bus route because it was taking so long for that bus to show up. The trip from Golden gate park to Fisherman's wharf took about an hour and involved city light rail and a street car. At least on the trip back the cars were not so full be felt like sardines in a can. Moral to story if you want to travel to Golden gate park from Fisherman's wharf you might want to buy a ticket on one of the sight seeing buses that lets you jump on and off the bus all day.

Converstation while waiting for the street car in unknown portion of city.

zw: looks around "Man this is a gay neighborhood."
j: "Why to you say that?"
zw: "Did you not notice all the flags?"
j: "Yeah okay I guess that guy in the orange sweater could be one."
zw: "What, I said flags."
j: "Oh I thought you said fags."

Turns out when the streetcar came to pick us up it was the F1 Castro line. facepalm.

Now for a good laugh go see Avenue Q during a matinee performance and watch how many people who did not do there homework walk out. We saw three different mass exoduses during the musical. I would have loved to been a fly on the wall outside the auditorium to hear what they said to the theater management.

8th March 2009

7:58pm: vacation
One more day of work and than I take a shuttle a plane and a train to get to San Francisco. Academy of Sciences and botanical gardens here I come. I cannot wait.

28th February 2009

11:56am: AARGH
Yep ladies and gent she just watched the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica. I am in now waiting patiently for the next episodes.

10th February 2009

7:53am: Dead like me movie
I must rec this film. If you have seen the series it is a great finish. If you have not seen the series watch it anyway.

17th January 2009

12:02pm: I hate Battlestar Galactica
argh. I should have saved a few episodes and watched them together. But no I just had to see the new episode and now I have to wait. Darn it.

31st December 2008

8:38pm: Happy New Year
Just dropping a note to let the LJ world know I am still alive and ready to welcome in a new year. Recent obsessions include "The mentalist" "Leverage" "Sanctuary" Jim Butcher books both series, Netflix watch instantly great when zort has taken over the tv for football. "Who Killed Amanda Palmer", The Dresden Dolls all albums. Wii lego anything and Wii bowling.

Goals for this year. Exercise some more. Coming up with more life goals.

30th October 2008

10:36am: voted
I have done my civic duty and turned in my ballot. Zort pointed out that the ballot box being a cardboard box covered in wrapping paper is a good thing. I found it a little too Mayberry for me.
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